Leadership – Raj Palanna


Raj has experience of 20 years working both at global Fortune 500 companies as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. He specializes in business transformation using Process Optimization, Technology and Outsourcing. He has worked in the Telecom, Financial Services, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Oil and Gas, Textile and other business domains. He has multilingual skills, with working knowledge in five different languages. Raj is a Visionary strategic thinker with a Ph.D., MBA & MS. He has the unique ability to combine advanced concepts and practical reality. He has worked with many CEOs and their direct reports at leading corporations. He is considered one of the best in class for applied statistical analysis and interpretation. He has a good track record of achieving multi-million dollar cost savings in company operations. He has extensive knowledge and experience in globalization of businesses. Raj has been a visiting faculty at top universities including University of Southern California & Oklahoma State University.

Business Savvy

Raj has depth of experience that enable him to understand how the various parts of your business comes. He has an unique ability to read your business to a very granular depth in rapid speed

Great Facilitator

Raj is a great facilitator who is able to take a group of executives though a fun filled natural decision process that leads to multi million dollar savings opportunities

Easy to Work With

While you are driving significant  business results,  it is also fun to work with Raj. He has an unique sense of humor that keeps you entertained.