Technology Outsourcing

Typically technology outsourcing is done for a combination of reasons including cost arbitrage and skill arbitrage

Process Outsourcing

Many processes are location agnostic. Progressive companies harness this potential by moving processes to global location for scaling and cost arbitrage

Capability Outsourcing

Some capabilities are not available in abundance in a particular location. Companies that learn to use capabilities that exist in a global landscape benefit from higher performance

Global outsourcing is a very important component of strategy if we want to optimize the business to deliver value at the highest level. Erutan helps company execute their Global outsourcing projects by guiding through the phase of Strategy Decisions – Project Plans – Process Capture – Execution – Stabilization.


Outsourcing Process Opportunities

Supply Chain outsourcing75%
Purchasing Outsourcing65%
Engineering Outsourcing80%
Finance and Accounting65%
Healthcare Processes75%
Data Analytics and Reporting65%
IT Services80%
Call Centers65%

Seven Step Globalization methodology

1. Evaluate:

Using LSS assessment methodology, we help you evaluate your entire business landscape and separate the distinct processes that exist in your corporation.

2. Prioritize:

We work with you to systematically prioritize the sequence and speed of globalization, engaging key leaders within your company and aligning decisions with your corporate strategy.

3. Process Capture:

We use rigorous process capture tools to document key processes and translate them into action at the necessary global locations.

4. Risk Mitigation:

We utilize Lean Six Sigma tools to proactively determine the risk involved at both the macro and micro levels. When moving work to a new location, key processes must be thoroughly documented and made actionable. Our approach helps minimize the risk associated with such moves.

5. Transfer Process:

We execute a well-designed transfer plan to ensure processes are moved between locations efficiently, effectively, and with minimized risk.

6. Stabilize:

We develop and institute control and reaction plans to ensure that globalization processes are stabilized and delivering the expected result.

7. Optimize:

Using rigorous Lean Six Sigma methods, we provide you the tools and techniques that help you continuously improve process performance. This allows you to make ongoing adjustments that enable you to further enhance your results over time.