Lean Six Sigma


LSS Framework

Lean Six Sigma is a tried and tested framework to ensure that we have the best processes within a company.

Lean: Inch Wide Mile Deep

Lean is used to streamline value flow at the highest level. The processes have to be evaluated at the highest level as well as zooming into the detailed level.

Six Sigma: Mile Wide Inch Deep

Six Sigma is typically used to deep dive into specific critical Xs that might be blocking the flow of value. The goal of the process improvement activities is to ensure that value flows to meet the customer needs with minimal non-value-added activities and is delivered on time at the required quality levels.

Typical Deployment Roadmap:


An end to end value stream assessment is conducted to pick the correctly prioritized list of projects. This is typically done within a week’s time.

Mega Kaizen

The high priority value streams from the assessment is selected and a Mega Kaizen is conducted to get some early wins. This can be done within 6 weeks. ROI is positive by this time

Roll Out

This typically involves training, deployment of smaller products and working towards getting the company self sufficient in Continuous Improvement


Cash Positive Within a Quarter


Greater than 10 times ROI


Improved Customer Satisfaction


Build Your Leaders