Leadership – Andrey Osiatynski


Andrey is one of America’s leading market researchers with 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising research and consulting. He started his market research career as Partner at Information Psykolog AB in Stockholm while teaching Cognitive Psychology and Test Theory at the University of Stockholm. In the US, he was one of the pioneers of Account Planning – first at Ogilvy in New York and then at Meldrum & Fewsmith in Cleveland. During the last few years Andrey has developed and introduced to the American customers several new research techniques including: Online Qualitative Concept Development, Online Ethnography and Quant-Qual-Combos.

Andrey’s research experience in Europe and North America spans a range of products & services, including: Automotive, Air travel, Banking and other financial services, Beverages, CPG, Industrial, Non-profit, Pharmaceutical, Retail and other areas. Beside English, he is fluent in Swedish, Polish and Russian.

Customer Centered

In a generation where most companies are inside focused, Andrey is very customer focused. He will evaluate the reactions of your customers and provide a honest opinion on what you need to do to delight your customers.

Qualitative Insights

Andrey has an ability to listen to customer conversations deeply and develop relevant customer insights that can help you increase your market share significantly.

Holistic Recommendations

Recommendations provided by Andrey is holistic and covers all angles of the problem under study. This allows for a robust implementation of the recommendations from consulting assignments.